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AMFI Best Practice circular no. 110 on Revised Guidelines on Transmission of Units - 31-Jan-2024

Centralised mechanism for reporting the demise of an investor through KRAs

KYC Forms

Annexure B - Transmission Documents Matrix - Ready Reckoner

Form T1 - for Deletion of Name of the deceased 2nd or 3rd Jt. Holder

Form T2 - for Transmission of Units - Where the 1st holder is Deceased

Form T3 Transmission Request Form for Nominee & Legal Heir

Form T4 Transmission Request Form for change of Karta upon demise of the registered Karta

Form T5 Transmission Request Form where HUF is dissolved upon demise of Karta

Annexure-Ia – Form for Bank Attestation of Signature & bank account details

Annexure-Ib – Form for Bank Attestation of Signature of the new Karta

Annexure-II - Bond of Indemnity furnished jointly by all Legal Heirs for Transmission without Legal Representation

Annexure-III - Individual Affidavits to be given by ALL the Legal Heirs

Annexure-IV - NOC from other legal heirs

Annexure-V - Indemnity from coparceners for change of Karta

Annexure-VI - Bond of Indemnity by surviving member of dissolved HUF

Standard MF Nomination Form

CKYC Application Form – Individual

KYC Application Form -Non- Individual