LICMF Gold Fund

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Scheme will be to generate returns that correspond closely to the returns generated by LICMF Gold Exchange Traded Fund (LICMF Gold ETF)

Minimum Application Amount

₹ 5,000 and in multiples of ₹ 1 thereafter.
For Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), the minimum amount is ₹ 500/- per month for a minimum period of 12 months or Minimum ₹ 1000/- per month for a minimum period of 6 months. Minimum ₹ 1500/- per quarter for a minimum period of 4 quarters

Load Structure

Entry Load - Not applicable
Exit Load
  • 1% for exit (redemption/ switch-out/transfer/SWP) within 12 months from the date of allotment.

Minimum Additional Amount
(For subsequent investments under an existing folio)

₹ 1000 and in multiples of ₹ 1 thereafter.

Minimum Redemption Amount

₹ 1000 and in multiples of ₹ 1 thereafter.

Benchmark Index

Domestic Price of Gold

Investment Strategy

  • The investment strategy of the Scheme would be to invest passively in LICMF Gold Exchange Traded Fund. The Scheme will remain invested in the underlying scheme regardless of the prevailing gold price or future outlook for this asset class. The Mutual Fund shall endeavor to keep the annualized tracking error lesser than 2% (annualized) at all times.

Who Should Invest?

  • Investor looking for passive investment in Gold in hassle free manner.
  • Investors looking for a cost-effective and liquid alternative to physical gold.
  • Investor looking for diversified investment beyond traditional stocks and bonds.
  • Investors looking for no key man risk.
  • Investors willing to invest in an open-ended fund of funds scheme investing in units of Gold ETFs.

Asset Allocation

Instruments Indicative allocations (% of total assets) Risk Profile
Minimum Maximum High / Medium / Low
Units of LICMF Gold Exchange Traded Fund 95 100 Medium to High
Reverse repo/ Short-term fixed deposits/ Money market instruments and in LICMF Liquid Fund Scheme of LICMF Mutual Fund 0 5 Low
Short-term fixed deposits shall be held in the name of the Scheme and the duration of such fixed deposit shall not exceed 91 days from the date of deposit.

Fund Manager

Mr. Yash Dhoot - managing since 31st July, 2023

Plans Available

Regular Plan and Direct Plan.
(The Regular and Direct plans will have a common portfolio)

Risk Factors

For detailed scheme/securities related risk factors,
please refer to the Scheme Information Document

Options Available

1. Growth Option
Default Investment option is Growth Option.
The Direct Plan is for investors investing directly with the mutual fund.
Default Investment option is Growth Option.
Regular Plan is for investors who wish to route their investment through any distributor


Investors understand that their Principal wil be at Moderately High Risk

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking*:
  • To replicate returns of LICMF Gold ETF with at least medium term horizon
  • Investments in units of LICMF Gold ETF/ Money Market Instruments/ LICMF Liquid Fund Scheme
  • Risk - Moderately High
*Investors should consult their financial advisors if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them. The change in Risk-o-meter will be evaluated on a monthly basis. For Scheme related details, including updation in Riskometer (if any) may please be referred on our website: