LIC MF Balanced Advantage Fund

An Open Ended Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund

The investment objective of the scheme is to provide capital appreciation/ income to the investor from a dynamic mix of equity, debt and money market instruments. The Scheme seeks to reduce the volatility by diversifying the assets across equity, debt and money market instruments. However, there is no assurance or guarantee that the investment objective of the Scheme will be realized.

  • Investors looking for long term wealth creations.
  • Circle-imgInvestors looking for diversification of investments.
  • Circle-imgInvestors who are looking for product with lower volatility than the pure equity product.
  • Circle-imgInvestors who are uncomfortable buying stocks at extremely high valuations.

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking.

  • Capital appreciation over a long period of time.
  • Investments in a dynamically managed portfolio of equity and equity related instruments,debt and money market instruments.
  • Risk - Moderately High.
  • .

Investors should consult their financial advisors if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

Top holding where the fund has invested ( As on 30-Apr-2023 )
  • Government Bond11.34 %

  • ICICI Bank Ltd.8.60 %

  • Reliance Industries Ltd.7.61 %

  • HDFC Bank Ltd.7.02 %

  • Housing Development Finance Corp Ltd.5.45 %

  • State Government Bond5.00 %

  • Infosys Ltd.4.29 %

  • State Bank of India3.73 %

  • Axis Bank Ltd.3.66 %

  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.3.39 %

  • Others35.53 %

  • Cash & Cash Equivalent:4.38 %

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Portfolio Composition (As of 30-Apr-2023)
Sector Allocation As % Of Nav (As of 30-Apr-2023)

Fund Information

  • Inception : 12/11/2021
  • Entry Load : Nil
  • Exit Load : 12% of the units all   ...more

  • Lumpsum

Investment Strategy

The Fund will allocate money to equity and fixed income asset classes based on the percentage allocation suggested by internal model developed by LIC Mutual Fund. Internal Model is a unique model derives the equity asset allocation after taking into account valuation ratios such as PE, P/BV, Mcap to GDP and prevailing interest rate (Like 10 year Gsec, Reverse repo). The model is designed to reduce the human bias and manages asset allocation across equity and debt in different market phases. The key attribute of the model is as below:
  • The model takes into account the historical trend and Forward estimates of PE, Earnings yield P/B and Mcap to GDP. The range is decided based on the last more than 10 year historical data points.
  • The PE range is decided on the base of the prevailing interest rate and the earnings yield. This way, we try to capture the effect on interest rate on the PE.
  • The equity allocation across range is decided based on the linear progression model between the derived range of the valuation inputs

  • May reduce the impact of losses in adverse market conditions on predefined parameters.
  • Circle-imgOptimum Asset allocation – Allocation through Fundamental Based Mathematical Model (FMM).
  • Circle-imgTax efficiency – The fund endeavours to keep its gross equity exposure greater than or equal to 65% to enable investors to avail equity taxation Benefit.
  • Circle-imgAim to generate near equity returns with lower volatility.

  • Investors looking for long term wealth creations.
  • Circle-imgInvestors looking for diversification of investments.
  • Circle-imgInvestors who are looking for product with lower volatility than the pure equity product.
  • Circle-imgInvestors who are uncomfortable buying stocks at extremely high valuations.
  • How does the fund work?

    Where will the fund invest?

    The corpus of the Scheme shall be invested in any (but not exclusively) of the following securities:


    Equity and equity- related securities


    Derivative Instruments


    Debt and Money Market securities


    Any other eligible instruments

    How do we invest?

    Deciding the asset allocation – We input various parameters such as interest rate, future earnings yield and price to earnings ratio in our model. The model output is the net equity exposure, basis on which we calculate the mix between net equity exposure, arbitrage and debt.

    Stock / security selection – We select stocks based on our internal research and investment framework. The portfolio is constructed keeping in mind the investment objective of the fund.

    Rebalance of Asset allocation – We rebalance the asset allocation based on the model output.

    Rebalance of portfolio – The stock selection is on the discretion of the Fund manager. Fund Manager looks into various aspects of business environments including valuations and other parameter while rebalancing the portfolio with an objective of optimizing the returns.

    Fund Documents

    Fund Documents Documents PDF
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    Scheme Information Document pdf-icon
    KIM and Application form pdf-icon
    Product Leaflet pdf-icon
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