Presenting the Asset Allocator. Based on your investment surplus, the time frame available and your risk profile, the tool recommends a portfolio mix most suited to you.

Your investment time frame

Investible Amount ( )

Upto 1 year

1 year to 3 year

3 years


Risk Profile
The planner classifies your current risk profile into the categories mentioned below. You may, on the basis of your experience and judgement, select the risk category which you think best describes you. If you can't figure it out, you could try our risk analyser tool. We recommend that you use the Risk Analyser to estimate your risk profile as your perception of risk may be different from the planner's estimate. This may result in improper results. Risk Analyser

Highly Aggressive (very high risk)

Aggressive (high risk)

Balanced (medium risk)

Moderate (low-medium risk)

Conservative (low risk)